Traditional Medicine of Mexico & Central America

Traditional Medicine of Mexico & Central America

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Traditional medicine include a wide spectrum of healing modalities from massage to herbal remedies.

In this workshop we will discuss Spiritual Ailments and how Maya Spiritual Healing Rituals can help us heal. Rituals, such as spiritual bathing, copal cleansing and alters are used to help move through the inevitable emotional hardships that all of us experience. This workshop will highlight wonderful ways to wash away unresolved sadness, stress, and upset that may be threatening to manifest itself as body-mind dis-ease. Here are some of the demos and topics we will discuss:

  • The importance of Copal incense in clearing, cleansing, and healing

  • Cacao will be served to all - we will discuss the medicinal + spiritual benefits

  • Flower/Herbal bath + wrap - demo

  • Treating cold + heat in the body with plant medicine - demo

  • Rainforest Remedies tinctures for health - tasting

  • Altar building for beloveds - demo

  • Self - Massage using herbs, stones, and medicinal oils - demo

  • Overview of the five elements in Maya tradition.

  • Class includes take home tea + tincture

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